Your Chinese Medical practitioner at LIV acupuncture is a trained, licensed and nationally board certified health-care provider dedicated to all aspects of your well-being.

We are NOT a spa – the practitioner, Tennille Richards, practices clinical, standardized, OUTCOMES oriented, skilled acupuncture. The study of Chinese Medicine is a 4 year Master of Science degree informed by Western Sciences (neurology, physiology, anatomy, pathology) and driven by specific TCM Diagnostic abilities plus Technical skills which take years to attain…

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioners will include, in the assessment of any pain pattern, diagnosed illness or sub-health condition, the physical, emotional, dietary and environmental health of each patient; As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine we treat you and your health concerns individually and uniquely, according to how you present, your history, interview information and by our own specialized diagnostic abilities. We have numerous strategies and modalities to offer and we look forward to discussing these with you. We are dedicated to your achieving optimal health and we are committed to providing comprehensive, natural, patient-centered health care for you and your family.

The following is a list of the Patient Services we offer and what you, as our patient, can come to expect from us;

What to Expect from our Clinic; Treatment suited to You

The following can be expected of your Clinician at LIV acupuncture:

  • Full Intake and History: 20 Min – 1 Hour *Fertility 1.5 Hours
  • Chinese Medical Assessment & Consultation
  • Biomedical assessment (Blood Pressure, ROM…)
  • Discussion of all Treatment Options and Plans with you
  • Flexible Treatments between 20 minutes – 1 hour
  • Discussion about Acupuncture; your Experience, Results
  • Discussion about Diet & Lifestyle specifically for you
  • Discussion about Chinese Herbal Medicine right for you
  • Ongoing evaluation of your condition, progress tracking
  • Close and personal monitoring of your responses to treatment
  • Results-oriented treatment, Patient-centered care
  • A Clinician who is interested in you and your health personally
  • A Clinician who is respectful of your time and hears all of your concerns
  • Safety in all procedures, Cleanliness and complete Confidentiality
  • A Therapeutic environment and significant time with a Clinician
  • Discussion about all Adjunctive Therapeutic Options;

Therapeutic Options


Electro-acupuncture (Electro-therapy)

Auricular Acupuncture (Ear)

Moxibustion *

Scalp (Neuro-) Acupuncture

Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage)


Acu-magnets (Needless technique)

Link to Acu-SPORT at LIV

  • Acupuncture for Athletes is known to:
  • increase in tissue blood supply
  • improve repair of Tissues
  • positively influence Mood/Focus
  • change muscle response
  • relieve pain

Acupuncture in Physiotherapy